Are You Giving Your Child Ownership?


How do we help our kids become motivated?

We’re all far more likely to take care of something that belongs to us, right? Maybe it’s time to turn some things over to your son or daughter.  Obviously, the age and ability of your child is important, and no one knows your child’s ability better than you.

The next time you find yourself in a battle, think to yourself “Is this really MY problem or does this really belong to my child?”

If your child learns that you will step in and finish the task, or drive them to school, or bring them their forgotten lunch, then they will never take ownership of the problem. They won’t have any reason to care. But once they own it – and they experience the consequences of their choices, they will become motivated to fix the problem.

Ownership is especially important when it comes to learning. The National Academy of Sciences has found that the most effective learning comes when the student owns the process.

Let your child come up with a way to solve a problem or meet a goal. It may not be the way you would do it, but it will foster true learning.  Help him to come up with a creative solution. Ask her questions that lead to thinking about the problem in a new way. 

Give your child plenty of practice in problem solving at home and make sure they have ownership of their school work. You’ll find they become far more motivated when it belongs to them!

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