“I will respect myself and others!” A look at the Warriors of Grace Dojo Kun

Why a dojo kun?

Along with bowing in, the dojo kun is a reminder for us — a reminder for why we are training in karate, a reminder to be all in and focused while we are in class, and a reminder to have a “black belt attitude” throughout class!

“I will respect myself and others!”

What does that mean? 

We say this every class, but do we think about what we’re saying?

To respect something means it is really important to you.

Are you important? Yes! That’s why you need to be kind to yourself.

Are others important? Yes! That’s why you need to be kind to everyone else, too!

We take care of things and people that are important to us. By being kind and taking care of each other — that’s how we show respect!

The truth is that when we listen to mom and dad, and do what they tell us, we are respecting our self as well as them. They are telling us what to do in order to help us grow and learn and be safe. They are the “black belts” that are in charge of us. By following their directions, we are taking care of ourselves as well as being respectful to them.

“I will be courageous!”

Did you  know that every time you back away from something you are afraid of, the FEAR gets BIGGER?

Did you  know that the only way to have the FEAR get SMALLER is to push through, walk towards it, and overcome it? By overcoming, it doesn’t mean that you’re not afraid. It means that you did what needed to be done, despite being afraid. 

And every time you overcome your fear it gets SMALLER!

“I am dedicated!”

We are dedicated to something we feel strongly about, to something that is important to us. 

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. It’s worth giving it your all. It’s worth making it an important part of your life.

That’s dedication.  Also sounds a lot like INTENSITY, huh? (Last month’s theme!)

“I am motivated!”

To be motivated is to have a reason for what you’re doing.  Having a reason so compelling that you can’t imagine NOT doing it!

What’s our reason for being dedicated and motivate to give our all while we are in karate class?

“I’m on a quest to be my best!”

There it is – that’s why we train. That’s why we never give up. That’s why we’re “all in”.

Karate is all about the journey to form ourselves into the best people we can be!