Now It Feels Like Summer!

Make Memories This Summer!


Parents – do you have summer memories from your childhood that you will remember forever?

These are much more important than you may think.

The reason those memories are burned into your mind and heart is they were experienced at a high emotional level.These deep emotional connections are so important for the development of a child. To better understand and appreciation what a deep emotional connection and experience is just think of anything that makes you ball your eyes out crying or makes you roll on the ground in a big belly laugh you cannot stop. You want your child’s life to be rich with these moments.

Many believe that in today’s fast paced and technologically driven world, kids today are missing out on these experiences. Kids have too much “screen time” and these screens cannot give children the rich emotional experiences they need. But more alarming is they cannot give them the personal one-on-one human connection with others. Sharing an event with another is the “ultimate magnifier of the human experience”. To illustrate, just imagine going on a huge rollercoaster all by yourself. Now imagine you and your best friends on that same ride, screaming your heads off!

So what can you do?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Limit Screen Time: Make it intentional and controlled.
  • Quality over Quantity: Intentionally spend time being FULLY present with your kids. (Put away the smartphone and laptop.) The good news is that you don’t need to spend a LOT of time with them, but make it your primary goal to spend quality time with them. Get creative and do new things. Go to places you have never gone before. Meet new people. Get a little crazy. Have your kids involved in researching and finding new things to do.
  • Make Memories and Magic Moments: It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Catch fireflies! Run through puddles during a rainstorm. Camping and fishing make great memories! Don’t worry about things going wrong – those times make the fondest memories!

So get your kids involved and make some lifelong memories this summer!  And don’t forget about ways to incorporate learning into your summer. You may be surprised at what fun the learning can be!

Summer is short….their childhood is even shorter!


Superhero: Could You Be One?

superheroEvery few months there is a new Superhero movie released.  We go to the theaters and watch as the Superhero saves people from the evil villain.

But in reality it doesn’t take hoisting a car through the air or jumping over tall buildings in a single bound.  In real life being a Superhero can start with the smallest of actions.

What does a Superhero do? They protect people and help people, right?

When someone is sad, a hero says something nice to cheer them up. When someone needs a hand with a task, a hero offers them help.

How would you like to be a superhero? Well, you can!

Every time you look around and see if there is some way you can help someone else, or just say “hi” or give them a smile, you can be a hero to them!

All of us have times when we need a kind word, or we need a little help. It is really wonderful when someone shows up to give us just what we need – whether it’s a kind word, or whether it’s an offer of help.

We can actively look around for someone who might be able to use a kind word or a helping hand. That makes us a hero – when we are really looking for ways to be kind to others

Become a Superhero of Kindness

This week as we finish our theme on kindness , we want you to actively look around and see if there is someone who you could help – each and every day. Is there someone who looks down? Is there someone who looks lonely? Is there someone struggling to carry a lot of things that you could offer to help? We want you to focus on being kind for a little while longer, so it becomes a habit.

But it has to be a focus – you have to look for someone who you could reach out to. It’s great to be kind to your friends. It’s great to be kind in return when you receive something from someone else. But it’s even better to go out of your way to find someone to be kind to. It’s not easy. Do you think it’s easy for the Super Heroes? No – but it’s worth it to be a Superhero to someone!