They Call Me

Here is a poem written by one of our 11 year old students I would like to share with you.

They call me

They call me sweet,
Joyous, hopeful, happy.
They call my gloomy,
sad, grey, down.
They call me angry,
seething, mad, raving.
They call me scared,
frightened, afraid.
They call me…

They call me
mean, nice, smart, kind.
Intelligent, malicious, hilarious.
Brave, shy, cautious… unique.
They call me…

They call me
stupid, dumb, and pitiful.
They call me
ugly, idiot, hideous, and
They call me…

But why should you be judged,
just for being you?
How can you put an end to something
that can’t end?
Should you lock yourself away;
never to be seen?
What is the answer that I seek?
What is your name?

And then there’s that tiny voice,
whispering in your ear,
when everyone else is away,
only for you to hear.
It’s a soft, sweet voice,
and you can hear it whisper,
“My name is Integrity.
I can lead you to truth;
I can be there, to guide you,
To do the right thing,
I can guide you to kindness
even in the darkest night.
I promise you,
as long as you have me,
you’ll be happy.
They call me integrity.”


TeamworkTEAMWORK is our new training theme.  It really is a great theme to follow self-control and here’s why: we each have our own gifts and talents. We need to have self-control to keep our freedom. That’s great, but if we want to progress and make the world a better place, there’s one more thing to keep in mind. To really move forward and accomplish goals, we need to work together. We need to use our gifts and talents to help others. We benefit from others’ using their gifts and talents. When we all contribute, when we all work together, we can really do so much more.

Who is on your team?

Let’s face it – we all make mistakes. We all have at least occasional bad experiences. We all at times get sad or tired or angry or lonely. When we have a good team  – which can be our family – they can help us through those bad times, and help us to grow into the person we were made to be. And we can help others through their bad times, too, and help them grow into the person they should be.


We’re going to be focusing on TEAMWORK for the next month — focus on being good team members – in your family, in your class, everywhere!

SODA – One small change – HUGE rewards!

SodaAre you addicted to soda? If you discovered it was almost as bad for you as smoking, could you cut it out of your day? Read more to learn why you might want to and better yet, how you as a Warrior are equipped to do just that.

A seemingly harmless substance

If there were one thing you could cut out of your diet that would have a tremendous positive impact on your health, would you do it? The answer really depends on just how addicted you are to it. Obviously  there are drugs that are extremely unhealthy for you, and it is universally acknowledged that smoking is the single greatest detriment to your health, but beyond the obvious, are you willing to make a change that will improve your health?

What is the substance I’m talking about? SODA! Yes, soda.

Rein in that sweet tooth!

Everyone by now should know that excess sugar consumption can lead to diabetes.  And diabetes and heart disease are intricately related. But there’s more.

Excess sugar causes excess insulin , which  leads to thicker blood vessels, which leads to an increase in blood pressure!

They’re not quite sure why, but high sugar consumption is also associated with high bad cholesterol levels and low good cholesterol levels.

As if all that isn’t enough – sugar also messes with the messages that tell your body you’re full. And that energy spike it gives? Ends up in a crash, including the release of serotonin – making you even sleepier than before! Remember why you grabbed that soda in the first place!?!

You young people out there may not care about this last one – but too much sugar actually attacks protein fibers in collagen and elastin – resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin!

Convinced about how bad excessive sugar is?

It’s not just the sugar!

Do you realize how much sodium and caffeine are in soda? If you can really consume in moderation it’s not really worse than many other things we indulge in.  But some of you may not know what moderation is!

In addition,  the mere fact of drinking instead of eating throws off your ability to judge how much you’ve consumed and makes you want more. It may seem harmless but it can be a pretty intense addiction that can be hard to break.

You want help breaking the soda habit?

This is where being a Warrior comes in. First, come up with your own personal reasons for quitting. If you’re doubting me about how important it is – look into it! Do some reading. Don’t believe me! YOU are the only one who can DECIDE whether you are going to break this habit! Come up with a WHY that will motivate you!

A Warrior has to PREPARE! Be aware that you might have to deal with some really nasty times ahead. You might have to deal with headaches, incredible cravings, and being tired. If you KNOW what to expect you’ll be better able to FIGHT!

Hang in there! Push through. Never give up! This is a formidable enemy to be overcome! You may need all your strength and cunning.


Yes, because you’re going to be discovering whether you have a chemical dependence or not. You’re going to be discovering whether you have a psychological dependence or not. You may have to fight the battle on a couple of fronts. That’s why you have to have such a strong WHY that will motivate you to hang in and keep fighting.

Get through the first two weeks, and then STAY STRONG! Be prepared for a sudden frontal assault – you’ve been doing fine, you’re headaches are gone, and WHAM – suddenly you are CRAVING just one! Don’t give in!

Breaking the soda habit will truly give you FREEDOM! You won’t be controlled by whatever chemical or psychological dependence you may have developed. You’re FREE!

Let me know – I would love to be able to CONGRATULATE YOU!!! And then I will encourage you to never go back, even a little!

And, parents, please hold off on introducing soda to your children! Truly, you’re not depriving them, you’re leading them to a healthy future!

Want to learn more about what the American Academy of Pediatrics had to say about soda?  Click here.