Do you need another reason to make KARATE an important part of your life?

Everything we do here at Warriors of Grace Karate is very intentional to develop those character traits that might have naturally developed in a world which is long past.  Once upon a time you would learn perseverance and hard work, just because those were so universal that if you didn’t learn them, you might not eat! Folks who didn’t pull their own weight might not be taken care of by the rest. (Of course there are exceptions…I’m really trying to make a point, not argue.)

Once upon a time initiative and following your own path was rewarded. Now it seems that keeping up with everyone else, and conforming to what everyone else is thinking and doing has gained more sway. (Again, everyone might not agree  — but it wasn’t that long ago that you didn’t even KNOW what everyone else was doing….or eating….or watching… or thinking at any given time. Now we broadcast it all!)

So yes, we are getting back to basics here. Each person is individually working to learn the basics, get their body strong, and learn to defend themselves. Karate is not EASY! (Have you noticed that yet?) In fact it is incredibly HARD! And that’s a good thing!

Karate challenges us – forces us to concentrate and focus. We must not only be aware of our own body, but our partner’s as well. We have to keep our partner safe and so we have to have control of our own body. We also learn empathy when we’re working with all the different partners we have here!

Above all – we are LEARNING! Failing and moving on. Reaching goals after persevering. Each one of us is developing a Growth Mindset. And that’s a GREAT thing! I want to share some information from Dr. Carol Dweck on Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset. Just a little that might pique your interest…..and might even make YOU want to start karate (if you haven’t already!) Enjoy!