I never do easy!

Continuing with the theme of strength, we are looking at how to develop strength. We have to work at it. This week we are focusing more on internal strength. Strength of character – strong morals and mental strength. Just like our muscles don’t get strong without putting in effort, neither does our character get strong without a “work out”. We are using “I never do easy!” as a reminder to “work out” in every area of our being, not just our body.

This week’s mat chat:

In order to have strength we need to challenge ourselves. Your body doesn’t get strong without doing a lot of pushups or exercise of some kind, right? Just like your  body needs to be trained to get strong, your mental and moral nature has to be trained so you can be strong on the inside,too.  Karate is all about training your character.

“I never do easy!”  is a good reminder that you need to develop strength. In karate that means if you’re using the ladder and every step you are to land in han zenkutsu dachi — you make SURE that every step lands in han zenkutsu dachi. You don’t just move down the ladder without doing your best, without really focusing or paying attention.

When you’re in school, or someone’s teaching you something new, you have to really focus, listen, and try your very best. It is NEVER ok to just do something the easy way to get it over with. Regardless of what the task is, you are training your character to “never do easy”!  

When you see that someone needs help, try to think about how YOU can help. It might be easy to ignore, or tell someone else, when you see a problem. You want to train yourself to be able to reach out and help others. That develops strength in your character that you will benefit from throughout your life. You want to have strength not just in your muscles, you want to have strength in your character too. Remember – “I never do easy!”


Stand strong!

No matter what we’re doing in karate we need to stand strong – we need to have good solid stances that will enable us to stand strong. That’s why we are so particular about exactly where and how your feet are. You may get frustrated with us always correcting your feet. There is a reason for that – we want you to be able to stand strong!

Even though we teach you what to do if you end up on the ground — that’s not where you ever WANT to be! You want to be standing strong until you can safely get away.

Just like you need to have strong stances physically, you also need to have strong foundations to helps you stand strong in tough times. What gives you strength when you have bad news – when someone close to you is really sick; when you’re sick and aren’t able to do things you want to do; when you thought you understood everything, but failed the test; when someone hurts your feelings; when someone is angry and yelling at you? These are all really tough things to deal with.These were ideas we presented to the children. I know everyone older can come up with their own personal example of tough times. We need a strong foundation to withstand those times.

Your foundation is what beliefs you have about the world. Your beliefs play a big part in the strength of your foundation. We would like you to take this opportunity to ask your parents (ask yourself!) what they (you!) believe. This will help you to start on a foundation that you can work on for the rest of your life.

We believe there is a good, loving, God that is active and alive in the world. That gives us our strong foundation. We also believe that God made and loves each and every one of us. We are immovable with that strong of a foundation!