Parents are Superheroes!

I know, you parents out there you may not feel like much of a superhero right now. About this time you may be more than ready to have the kids go back to school!

We want to encourage you to hang in there, keep holding the boundaries, keep requiring respect and obedience from your children. Sometimes it can be so tempting to let things go, let some snarky comment slide, do something yourself because it will be done much quicker and better.

We want to encourage you to take a step back and remind yourself of the long goal. You want your children to have self-control and self-motivation. There’s a long road between total dependence and being able to succeed in life independently. And that road can get tiring for a parent!

You are your children’s superhero! Who else would persist in requiring certain behavior and certain attitudes and certain actions from your kids? Who else will daily again and again tread over the same ground to make sure the lessons are learned? No one!

We at Warriors of Grace like to ask the question: “what does love require of me?” Many times love requires us to take the hard route, do the hard thing, say the hard word. That is especially true with our children. We’re often the only ones who CAN speak difficult truths into our children. And that’s what makes you a superhero for your child!

If you make it into class with your child this week we hope you have fun!

Here’s what we are sharing with the students during mat chat:

This week is superhero week! Guess what? You may not realize it but you have your superhero right here in class with you right now! Who am I talking about? I’m talking about YOUR PARENTS! That’s right – they’re your superheroes! They are there to keep you safe, to take care of you, and to love you. They are the first place you go to if you are ever in trouble or don’t feel safe or need help.

How do we treat our superheroes? How do we treat our parents? Just like we have to move really fast when we’re sparring, we need to respond really fast to our parents when they ask us to do something! We honor them by listening, by DOING, and by doing what they ask us to do really fast. And what kind of an attitude do we have when we’re doing something for our superhero parents? That’s right — with a GOOD ATTITUDE!

Next week is the last fun week of summer! Come in face paint. It will be the last chance to earn extra points for your team! Last week before school starts — we want to make it fun!  Next week is also the last week on the current class schedule. Once school starts on August 22 we’re switching to the new class schedule.

FYI – at the start of this week both teams are TIED!!